A Note from Our Founder

Where we find investment opportunities is reflective of our prior experiences. My story begins with a background in applied math and computer science, and a childhood passion for airplanes that never faded. Professionally, I’ve been an entrepreneur and have spent the last 12 years in the venture capital industry, investing across software as well as hardware and spending much of my time in the transportation and energy fields.

I view the twin movements of drivetrain electrification and autonomous systems as one of the great transformations of our lifetimes, and one that will reshape our daily lives and the physical world around us. In my generation’s lifetime, changes we’ve witnessed have been largely in the invisible domain, in information or at the molecular scale in materials or medicine. Our cars, highways, planes, and cities look much the same as when I was born. Yet, decades of growth strain our transportation technology paradigms to the breaking point.

I see that is about to change. Innovations in the digital and materials worlds have matured and are converging with great potential to impact our physical daily lives. Transportation will be one of the great beneficiaries. We are about to see change as profound as what our grandparents experienced, from the early days of the automobile in a horse-drawn world and the first airplanes making headlines to the explosive diversity of consumerized road and air transportation options just years later. And with that change will come disruptions to the limits what we have long lived with – to congestion, to access, to asset ownership, and to sustainability and safety.

I am building Levitate to invest in a focused part of this transformation – advanced aerial mobility. We seek to back entrepreneurs developing technologies, products, and business models to expand transportation into the vertical domain. We are as interested in the technological innovation itself as in the question of what possibilities that innovation creates for greater society. While the journey ahead is a long one, entrepreneurs today are identifying and pursuing viable pieces of this opportunity and vision. Levitate is participating in this conversation and backing entrepreneurs both today and for the long-term.